A leaking or dripping tap can be annoying, it can lead to ugly scale and rust marks over time, but it also costs you money over time as the amount of lost water adds up and you pay for that. Now turning off the tap more tightly won’t help because the tighter you turn, the more damage to the washer and the worse the problem gets. Generally leaking taps is caused by a worn out or damaged washer or O-ring and fixing this will require replacement.
If it’s a hot water leaking tap, then that will cost you even more money. Some new taps or old ones have more complicated faucet systems that require some expertise and the right tools and replacement parts to fix.


TIP: Call Anytime On Time Plumbing and while we are fixing your leaking tap, we will do a quick inspection of all your other taps around your house, inside and outside to see if they need repair there and then, that will save you money in the long run